What Is the Fortification of Milk?

Fortified definition

– What Is the Fortification of Milk?
– Vitamin A and vitamin D are the two nutrients that federal regulations mandate for the fortification of milk
– Vitamin A is a nutrient that the human body requires for vision and gene transcription.
– Milk is the poof courses of vitamin D, How Does Milk Get Vitamin D?
– Vitamin D and Calcium Absorption
– Why doesn’t the UK add Vitamin D to milk as is done in the USA and Canada?

When the fortifying accurse?
– The FDA recommends that milk manufacturers add vitamin D after the separation of milk fat and before homogenization, the mixing process that keeps milk fats from rising to top of the liquid. Adding vitamin D before homogenization ensures that the vitamin is thoroughly mixed into the milk.

Natural Vitamin D
– All milk produced by cows and other animals contains a low concentration of vitamin D, which is affected by the animals’ feed and sun exposure. The FDA reports that raw cow’s milk typically contains 5 to 40 IU of vitamin D per quart. Because the level is low, it is not typically considered in determining the amount of vitamin D concentrate added to fortify milk. Therefore, processed milk may contain slightly more vitamin D than is listed in the nutrition facts.

– should be new and not before 2010
– all references should be books and scientific paper


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