Unit 6 Assignment: Renstrom V. Nash Finch Co.


Unit 6 Assignment: Renstrom V. Nash Finch Co..

Read Case 14.1, on page 525-526 of our textbook. Then answer the following two questions provided at the end of the case study:

  1. For the purpose of the EPA, are each of Nash Finch’s distribution centers separate “establishments” as that term is used in the EPA?
  2. Did the record before the court show that Ms. Renstrom performed work equal to that of Crosier and Ebensteiner?  All three had the same job title, “head grocery buyer”.

Each question should be included with the answer. Each question should have an answer of 250-words or more in length. Your submission should be APA formatted (including a cover page, headings, and in-text citations) and professionally presented in a proper academic tone.



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