Theatre Final


Theatre Final.

This presentation requires A LOT of research, thought and TIME.

I have very, very high expectations for your work!


In this class, you have learned about different aspects of theatre and producing a play.

It is now time to take what you have learned and put it into practice.  You will be able to choose one of fouroptions for your final project.  Each option focuses on a different aspect of theatre: Acting, Set Design, Costumes and Casting.  You will be choosing one of the plays we have read this term, and creating a production powerpoint presentation which will outline specific aspects of producing your show.

 You will also hand in a well-organized 5 paragraph essay with instructions below.

Organized 5-paragraph final essay summarizing

1. Choose ONE of the following elements of theatre production that most interest you:• Acting• Set Design• Costumes• Casting2. Follow the requirements (below) for your choice to create a powerpoint presentation for your final.3. Write an ORGANIZED 5-paragraph FINAL ESSAY summarizing first, Why you chose the element you did, second, your process in completing the project, and third, your feelings about the final outcome.


• Be sure to use outside research and information from the text (CITATIONS!!!) to justify your choices!

• PLEASE  BE CREATIVE with your presentation: you may use interesting, multi-media, music,video etc.


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