visit middle eastern asian indian or mexican market and prepare meal using ingredients you f -Online Pro Writers


Visit a Middle-Eastern, Asian, Indian, or Mexican Market and prepare a meal using the ingredients you find.
Watch and critique a Bollywood film, viewing it (as much as is possible) from a non-western perspective.
Change your news source to a Middle Eastern network like Al Jazeera for a week
Visit a cultural center, interfaith dialogue or spend an afternoon with someone of another culture/religion/ethnicity to learn more about that world view.
Familiarize yourself with and listen to the latest Latino, Hip Hop, or pop-music that from the culture you are studying.

After completing one of the recommended activities above, or a similarly enriching cultural immersion activity, summarize briefly what you did and what you learned from it. There is no length requirement for your write-up, but you must fully describe your activity and explain how it truly is a cultural immersion experience. Then, analyze how this experience has changed or enhanced your understanding of the culture in question by deconstructing the views and opinions you held before completing the cultural immersion activity. Your analysis should address how and why those views have changed as a result of the knowledge acquired through this experience.


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