politics russia late 80s present hwk 10 1 page max answers -Online Pro Writers


This HWK is due on Sunday night at 22:00 pm NYC time .


Each answer must be approx. 1 page long (12 Times New Roman Font) except when asked to answer briefly where only 1 paragraph is needed.


1st question includes my answer to give you a sense of what I am looking for.


Writting must be your own & you must reference the attachements (1-2 reference per question minimum). 


You must also own a Kindle & buy able to purchase the following books (kindle version is the cheapest): 

“Armageddon Averted”  S. Kotkin 10 USD 

“The Political Economy of Russia” Neil Robinson 12 USD 



The references are useful for the following questions. 

Q1: Sun p.499-513 , beissengerntlsmcollapse, aronsoviet collapse, Armageddon Averted (p.1-112)

Q2: Sun p.409-513 , mikemcfaul, Armageddon Averted p. 113-192 

Q3: Q2 Refs + The Political Economy of Russia (p.15-35) 

Q4:  Q2& Q3 refs+ HandlemanComradeCriminal, 

Q5: EvangelistaChechnya , Guiliano

Q6: Arageddon Averted p.193-220, T_rimington_return_to_putin’s_Russia

Q7: Q6 Refs 

Q8: The political Economy of Russia p.15-35

Q9&10: Q6-8 Refs


Do not contact me if you do not have an international relations degree/background. I am looking for  Masters level quality work.


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