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Make an argument for the existence of a subgenre within Horror that has never been discovered before. It should be a totally original discovery. This three‐page, double-spaced paper must include the following sections:

Definition of your subgenre set out in contrast with others you have studied or read about and viewed. (i.e. slasher, werewolf…) In this section be sure to use proper documentation.

Explanation of your methodology: What are you looking for? Narrative elements? Cinematic Style? Character type? Etc.

Close analysis of at least twoexisting films in terms of the above categories. Conclusion with comments on what the discovery of this subgenre tells us about our society.

Endnotes and citations for any resources used or quoted are required. If you didn’t come up with an idea don’t take credit for it. It’s expected that you will research for support of your theory. (You may or may not find it.) There’s no problem with agreeing with other experts or building upon their conclusions as long as you don’t try to pass their ideas off as your own.


Have fun!!


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