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Write three historical markers (one for each major period covered by the

course). Upload your marker into the D2L (elearn) dropbox for the assignment. Due dates and topics are indicated below.

You have been given the job of writing a historical marker for a significant place in world history. Compose a text (entirely in your own words) that is historically accurate, full of interesting detail, grammatically correct, and no longer than 150 words. The focus of your marker should be on the time period covered in the course (before 1500 CE and as indicated in the assignment).

Your historical marker assignment should include the following sections:
Text of the marker. Required elements are a brief description of the

historical site/object (remember that marker readers are generally able to see the site, so keep this to a sentence and/or focus on things not necessarily visible), historical context (what was going on in that place generally, such as religious movement, establishment of an empire, etc.), specific historical details relevant to the site, and historical significance. Put information entirely in your own words. Try to avoid quotations since the marker format doesn’t facilitate giving citations, EXCEPT you are encouraged to quote briefly from primary sources if relevant (and you must, of course, clearly identify the sources). Remember to stick to the 150-word limit.

(2) Full citation (Chicago Manual of Style) of all sources used. You must use at least one article (minimum 200 words) in the collection Oxford Reference Online Premium (available on the eBooks page of the TSU library; password required for off-campus access); you may also use your textbook (give full citation of book and cite specific chapter and page numbers). If you wish to use any other sources, you must get written permission from the instructor (email [email protected]) at least 48 hours before the assignment is due and attach a copy of your correspondence to the assignment. Your fact-checker and the director will be looking to make sure that the information you include is supported by your sources, so include in the text of the marker ONLY information that you found in your sources and include in the citation section ALL sources used. Ifthereisadisconnectbetweensourcescitedandtheinformationinthe marker text, you will be severely penalized. Your editor and the director will be looking to make sure that the form of the citation is correct.

(3) Process paragraph: This should be a brief discussion of the choices that you made in deciding what to include in the marker text. Things to include might be your decision to leave out some information (not enough room on the marker), you decision to include other information, things that you wanted to add but couldn’t find information about (for example, if you wanted to give the population of a city but couldn’t get that info), and any surprises along the way (either good or bad surprises; for example, there was a name that could be spelled several different ways, which made looking it up difficult, or if you found out something cool you didn’t know before or if your sources gave seemingly contradictory information). You will be graded on content (providing insight into how you worked) and writing (paragraph structure, grammar and style). 





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