Read and critique the following documents: Write a brief summary for each. Where two sources are similar, you may combine them.

a.  Democratic  Rationalization :  Technology, Power, and Freedom, in Between Reason  and Experience : Essays in Technology and Modernity , Andrew Feenberg

b. Brey,  P. (2003). ‘Theorizing Technology and Modernity,’  Modernity and  Technology.  Eds. Thomas Misa, Philip Brey and Andrew Feenberg.  MIT  Press, 33-71.

c. Habermas  on Technology and Ideology,Antti Kauppinen; Brief encyclopedia entry on  Jürgen Habermas for Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering. Ed.  J. Britt Holbrook and Carl Mitcham. Macmillan, 2005.

d. Technology and science as ideology; Habermas, 1969.

e. The Question Concerning Technology ; Martin Heidegger

f. What Technology wants,  Chapter 1, Kelly, Kevin.

g. Marcuse or Habermas: Two Critiques of Technology , Andrew Feenberg San Diego State University Inquiry, 39, 45-70

h. The Compelling Tangle of Modernity and Technology, Thomas J. Misa

i. Liquid Modernity, by Zygmunt Bauman.


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