September 2023 Question Question 1 2 points Supervisors should train their employees in decision making techniques

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment


Question 1 (2 points)

Supervisors should train their employees in decision-making techniques because:

Question 1 options:

Someone must be capable of running things on days the supervisor is absent from work.

None of the above; decision making is the sole responsibility of the supervisor.

Many daily decisions in a department are made by the employees who do the work.

If a problem arises, the supervisor will not have to take full responsibility for it.

Question 2 (2 points)

Decision making is the process of defining problems and choosing a course of action from among alternatives.

Question 2 options:



Question 3 (2 points)

The decision-making process changes depending on the scope and importance of the decision that needs to be made.

Question 3 options:



Question 4 (2 points)

All of the following would be criteria for evaluating the selection of a particular decision alternative, EXCEPT:

Question 4 options:


None of the above



Question 5 (2 points)

In choosing from among the alternatives, the supervisor should be guided by:

Question 5 options:


The pertinent facts.

All of the above.


Question 6 (2 points)

Employees at the departmental level will take most of their cues for self-discipline from their supervisors and managers.

Question 6 options:



Question 7 (2 points)

It is best for upper management to create ethical codes and policies without input from employees and supervisors.

Question 7 options:



Question 8 (2 points)

Employees at the department level will take most of their cues for self-discipline from:

Question 8 options:


No one.


Top management.

Question 9 (2 points)

When confronted with disciplinary problems from employees, the supervisor should:

Question 9 options:

Handle the matter in public to set an example.

Avoid taking action quickly, since some disciplinary situations can and should be overlooked.

Take appropriate action to discourage borderline employees from attempting similar violations.

Ignore the problem employee and hope that the “silent treatment” is effective.

Question 10 (2 points)

When conducting an investigation, the supervisor should interview:

Question 10 options:

Only the employees with relevant information pertaining to the situation.

Only the employee involved.

None of the above.

Only fellow supervisors.