September 2023 Overview The primary aim of this task is to assess your ability to

September 2023 Business & Finance Assignment


The primary aim of this task is to assess your ability to create and communicate a project proposal

Assignment Background

In this exercise, you are required to write a proposal on behalf of institution x. The proposal is in response to a Request For Proposals from an international financial organization that seeks to improve the safety of public transport within Nairobi, especially with regards to matatus.

The ultimate goal will be to identify creative solutions that strengthen matatu safety, with the main objective of lowering mortality and public health costs estimated to be between 1% and 5% of GDP in developing countries each year. These solutions should mainly target matatu drivers, riders and owners (e.g. SACCO officials).The successful proposal should incorporate a methodology that aims to understand the local context and provides low cost behavioral and structural interventions that improve matatu safety in Nairobi.

Specific instructions:

1.       State the problem and give context and motivation on your approach to solving the problem.

2.       Propose a framework to understand the context around matatu safety among all stakeholders within Nairobi. Where appropriate, list possible interventions/ solutions you would include in your approach.

3.       Give a short description of each phase of the project and the deliverables to be produced.

4.       In no more than one paragraph, please describe an evaluation plan to identify the impact of your proposed work. This may also have been covered by your response to previous prompts.

5.       The full proposal should be no longer than 2 pages, single-spaced. Times New Roman font, size 12, with no more than 0.5 inch margins. Any references should be included on a separate page (does not count towards page limit). If longer proposals are submitted, only the first 2 pages of the proposal will be reviewed.


6.       Save the file and submit it no later than 10.00 am east african time on 17th March2017.