September 2023 Our company Court Gurl requires some assistance We need 1 Marketing guru Person

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Our company, Court Gurl, requires some assistance: We need: 
(1) Marketing guru – 
Person who can assist with a website, marketing targets and generating sales leads; 
(1) Accounting professional/bookkeeper to manage our books and pay bills and payroll Person who can be responsible for the books and keep all ledgers and checkbooks 
(2) Janitorial/shop cleaning/supplies workers 
2 persons who can keep the shop floor organized, clean, stocked with supplies, and minor maintenance 
(2) Shipping coordinators 
2 persons who can fill orders and create shipments of product and keep shelves organized and inventoried 
(5) Machine operators  5 persons who can operate the machines to create our inventory of goods The rest of us will be the designers and create instructions for the machinists and shipping coordinators to create and mail goods, as well as take the orders and manage the workforce. Your assignment is to prepare a memo making a recommendation as for each of the five different categories of help identified that we need, should we be looking to hire employees, independent contractors or both.  Be sure to discuss how we will be able to justify legally, based on your perceived job functions for that category and our control over the worker, how you arrive at your recommendation.