September 2023 ORIGINAL WORK ONLY NO PLAGIARISM Create a 8 to 10 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment


Create a 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes on each slide answering the following questions throughout the presentation:

  • What conflict styles have you encountered while working in groups? How will your approach to conflict change in the future based on what you have learned in this course?
  • What group cohesion strategies will you apply in future team work? Describe these strategies and how they strengthen group work.
  • What is your own decision-making style? Describe this style and how you will apply it to future group work.
  • How will you approach problem solving in the future based on what you have learned in this course? Describe your strategies and how you will apply them to future group work.

Helpful hints: Slides are bullet points that can be referred to during and oral presentation. They can contain graphs and images. They would be displayed behind the speaker. Speaker’s notes are seen only by the speaker and elaborate on the information on the slide. They are in paragraph format. Speaker’s notes are a feature in PowerPower point.