September 2023 Organizational Behavior Questions What is meant by individual differences intelligence and personality What

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Organizational Behavior Questions:


What is meant by “individual differences”, intelligence, and personality? What role does individual characteristics play in the workplace? How might the characteristics of individual employees have an impact on the organization? (100 words)



Give an example (positive or negative) of personality influencing organizational performance? What happened? Complete some of the self-assessments available in the Self-Assessment Library. What were your results? (100 words)



What roles do factors like core self-evaluation play in influencing employee behavior (both good and bad)? What tools are available to assess these factors? (100 words)



How should these tools be used (for self-assessment only, for management purposes only, or somewhere in between)?  (100 words)



Give an example about a time at work when your (or someone else’s) attitude, emotions, or mood was influencing the work environment. What happened and how was it handled? (100 words)



What strategies could an organization use to utilize diversity? What strategies does your own organization use? Which steps could be taken, as a manager, to ensure that work teams are diverse? (100 words)



Which common barrier (inaccurate stereotypes and prejudice, ethnocentrism, poor career planning, negative diversity climate, or unsupportive and hostile working environment for diverse employe) exist in how we perceive those around us in the workplace? What role might perception play in how we see others?  (100 words)




How might factors like generational differences, prejudice, and ethnocentrism have an impact on create an effective and diverse workplace environment? (100 words)