September 2023 MGT 230 Management Theory and Practice Chapter 11 13 Questions Please provide 50 100 word answers What is organizing

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment


MGT/230 » Management Theory and Practice


Chapter 11-13 Questions. Please provide 50-100 word answers.




  1. What is organizing as a management function? BE SURE YOU CAN: define organizing as a management function, explain the difference between formal and informal structures and advantages and disadvantages of informal structures in organizations.


  2. What are the traditional organization structures? BE SURE YOU CAN: explain difference between functional, divisional, and matrix structures, list advantages and disadvantages of a functional structure, divisional structure and matrix structure.


  3. How do you tell what the organizational structure is?


  4. How do you believe companies could use organic structure? And provide examples.


  5. What is organizational culture? BE SURE YOU CAN: define organizational culture, explain importance of strong cultures to organizations, distinguish between observable and core cultures and explain how workplace spirituality is reflected in an organizations culture.


  6. What is a multicultural organization? BE SURE YOU CAN: define multiculturalism, explain concept of a multicultural organization, identify common organizational subcultures, explain Thomas’s concept of managing diversity.


  7. What is the nature of organizational change? BE SURE YOU CAN: define change leader and change agent, discuss pros and cons of top down change and bottom up change, discuss improvising as an approach to planned change, list several reasons why people resist change and give strategies for dealing with resistance to change.


  8. Describe management’s role in organizing human capital? Does this role vary from organization to organization? Why or why not?