September 2023 Looking back at what you have learned throughout this course respond to the following in the

September 2023 Business & Finance Assignment


Looking back at what you have learned throughout this course, respond to the following in the :   MY TOPIC I CHOSE ( I AM IN HEALTHCARE ) IS




One way to view customer-delivered value is the value chain. The value chain consists of all members of the marketing channel from producer to retailer who have a role in designing, producing, and delivering the product to the customer.


The value chain has three stages—design, production, and distribution. Design adds the features according to the requirements of the customer; production produces the specific product for the customer; distribution delivers the specific product to market where the customer expects to buy it. All three stages of the value chain are important in building customer-delivered value.


Quality is also an important factor for the customer. Firms who want to create customer value must focus on understanding how the customer defines quality.


While developing a product, any firm who wants to create a high customer value should understand the requirements of its customers at every stage in the value-chain process.


  • Of the topics covered, which ones do you believe were most beneficial to you professionally, personally or academically?
  • Which topics would you have liked to have covered more in depth?


Describe your overall experience with the course including things you liked and areas that could be improved.