September 2023 I need at least a 75 word comment on my class mate s post Lies

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

I need at least a 75-word comment on my class mate’s post

Lies and Their consequences


Hello class,

I working in an organization that lying is taboo, because in the military we must be able to trust the leaders above us and to rely on information from the lower enlisted. I am currently a shop supervisor at a Unit Maintenance and Equipment site, our job is to provide maintenance support for several military units and to perform annual service on the units equipment for training. I had a soldiers whom was performing a scheduled service on a M998 Truck, the soldier completed the service well about of time allowed for the task.  The vehicle was inspected and returned to the supporting unit. Within a week the vehicle was dispatched to go to the field for training. while convoying to the field location the front tire geared hub came off the vehicle, and the vehicle flip over several times  injuring the soldiers inside. After the soldiers was taken to the hospital, the vehicle was recovered and an investigation begin as to what happened? 


After inspecting the front of the vehicle, it was noticed that the bolts holding the geared hub had backed off and caused the accident. we talked to the Solder and the inspector that perform maintenance on the vehicle. The soldier claim to have torqued the bolts to specification, but the inspector stated that he didn’t check the torque and after inspecting his torque wrench was noticed the wrench hadn’t been used. After talking to the soldier again he admitted that he lied on the inspection sheet to save time. I told him that his actions didn’t save time and that it caused an accident and injured three soldiers.  I quoted a paragraph” sometimes a lie, a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, seems to be the perfect response(Mazur,1993)” but in the end it is immoral and corrupts the most important qualities of being a human that was a quote from Philosopher Immanuel Kant. The bottom line is do the job the correct and honest way the first time and your actions can save lives and also injuries.