September 2023 Hi class Excellent discussion The use it or lose it mentality is not limited to

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Hi class!

Excellent discussion!  The “use it or lose it” mentality is not limited to state or commercial entities.  It is also incredibly prevalent in the federal government.  There have been several studies, the most recent of which I provided the link below, that indicate that this is an inefficient and wasteful way of operating.

In his testimony before Congress, Jason Fictner, a Sr research fellow at George Mason University, he stated, “…not only is there a surge in federal spending at the end of the year, but also this spending is of lower quality.”  Here’s the link. (Links to an external site.)


Since this seems to be a rampant problem, what would you suggest be a better mentality or practice to reduce wasteful spending?  Do you agree with Mr Fictner’s suggestions.  Be specific and use some examples, please.