September 2023 Here is the article review attachment I choose Your review should be 1 3 pages double spaced

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Here is the article review attachment I choose. Your review should be 1-3 pages double spaced, *APA style, include introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

  • In your own words, write a summary of the article
  • Write a rationale for selection of the article, why did you choose this article?
  • What are your reactions and thoughts about the subject and the article? How will the information you learned from your reading shape your classroom?
  • Conclude the report with a final paragraph which addresses how you (as a future classroom teacher) will strive to counteract the effects of one of the areas listed in objective 9 on students and the learning environment in your classroom.
  • Be sure to include a reference page with the citation of your article ++++++ Also the Scholarly Article Review Assignment Rubric ++++++++ is on the attachment too.