September 2023 Find a non profit organization governmental or private and perform an assessment of the

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Find a non-profit organization (governmental or private) and perform an assessment of the operations.  Beyond defining the organization, develop a case analysis based on the following questions:


1) What are the characteristics of the organization that you feel are important? 

2) How would you evaluate management performance given the priorities of the organization?


Present your answer in the standard format for cases detailing the five different sections

·         Executive Summary (report in short)

·         Introduction and background (identify the key issues)

·         Alternatives (give options to key issues)

·         Recommendations (ultimate objective of the analysis)

·         Implementation (how and when objectives will be implemented)


As you develop this information, try to work through the format for resolving what you perceive as issues.  This question is left open ended for the specific reason that you may create an in depth analysis based on existing knowledge.  Develop a framework from which people within the non profit organization can know whether or not they are meeting the objectives laid out for them.  Understand that what you are doing in this exercise can transfer into any situation.