September 2023 Each student is responsible for creating the five letters below based on the scenarios provided Good

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Each student is responsible for creating the five letters below, based on the scenarios provided:

  1. Good News Letter – your company has just made a new hire. Prepare the person for the next steps in the process.
  2. Direct Bad News Letter – you have just had to fire an employee. Prepare the letter so that the employee knows why the firing has occurred, has recourse, and knows how to exit the premises. CYA!
  3. Indirect Bad News Letter – a supplier sends you two or more types of products. Inform the supplier that you are going to discontinue part of your regular order, but that you wish to retain a lesser portion of the original order (in other words, you are cutting 60% or more of their business with you, and they will get to keep 40% or less of your business).
  4. AIDA Marketing/Letter of Request – ask to establish a relationship and conduct business with another business entity.
  5. Letter of Remediation – A reasonable complaint has been filed by an angry customer. Solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction.No letter will be longer than 1 page.