September 2023 Due today within 3 hours One of the motivation based theories discussed

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Due today! (within 3 hours)


One of the motivation based theories discussed in this chapter is Equity Theory.  According to Equity Theory, we naturally compare our own ratio of “inputs” (time, effort, education, training, etc) we bring or give to a job versus the “outcomes” (compensation, benefits, favorable working hours, opportunities for promotion, recognition, etc.) we receive from the job to the perceived “inputs” to “outcomes” ratio of our co-workers.


Talk about a time in which you felt that your ratio did not compare favorably with someone else.  Perhaps you were contributing more inputs, but getting the same outcomes (or even less outcomes).  How did you attempt to fix the situation?  Did it involve trying to increase the outcomes (asking for a raise, better schedule, etc.) or did it involve decreasing your inputs (calling in sick more often, being late, not volunteering for extra tasks, etc.)?