September 2023 Directions for Discussion Papers Each paper has to be typewritten and be at most two pages long As

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Directions for Discussion Papers:
Each paper has to be typewritten, and be at most two pages long. As to the sources: a hard copy with the name of the author, the source, and the date of publication showing on the hard copy should be attached to the paper.
The topic for discussion paper #1:
One of the important discussion topics in politics and economics is globalization. Define globalization, and then find two articles: one supporting, and the other opposing it. The authors of these articles should be well known economists.
Summarize these two articles clearly making sure that your summary of each article explicitly states the reasons for the argument given by the author.
State your opinion-as to whether you agree or do not agree with one of the arguments. Give reasons for your agree/disagree conclusion. You may disagree totally with both authors and have your own independent argument. In this case clearly state your argument.