September 2023 Contract Requirements and Risks Project Management PART 1 Create a risk template by

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Contract Requirements and Risks Project Management


· Create a risk template by listing the risks that you think are appropriate for ADC.

· You may need to make assumptions about the project. Just be sure to document them in the description of the risk.

· When identifying your risks, be sure to consider the following:

·         Project and product risks

·         External and internal risks

·         Project budget risks

·         Scheduling risks

·         Resource risks

·         Product quality risks

  · Be sure to categorize and quantify all the identified risks.


Create a weighted scorecard list of functional requirements for the scheduling tool you need to purchase for ADC.

      • What risks and requirements must be included?
      • What weight each risk or requirement should be given?
  • Place each of your requirement statements, one per row, in the Requirements column.
  • Document any project assumptions you make in footnotes.
  • The Score and Weighted Score columns should not be blank.
  •  800-110 WORDS
  • 800-110 WORDS