September 2023 Choose an industry in which you desire to work or have knowledge of and write an APA formatted paper to address the

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Choose an industry in which you desire to work, or have knowledge of, and write an APA formatted paper to address the three questions/items below. Your responses should be succinct, but detailed enough to illustrate comprehension, critical-thought and appropriateness. You should cite resources and include references in APA format.

  1. 1.  Define what is meant by environmental law and describe how these laws are established, adopted, and altered.
  2. 2.  Suggest an organizational strategy, based on environmental compliance principles suggested in your text reading, which can be used to comply with environmental laws relevant to your industry.
  3. 3.  Define which environmental laws garner the most attention in your industry and based on that response, which compliance efforts are most needed within your industry.