September 2023 By reference to any ONE NAMED NATURAL disaster of your choice

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

By reference to any ONE NAMED  NATURAL disaster of your choice  ,  answer any ONE only of the following questions:


1.        Discuss and evaluate a range of issues associated with disaster preparedness in the context of your chosen disaster zone.  


2.        Discuss the challenges associated with providing humanitarian aid and relief in response to a disaster in your chosen disaster zone.


3.        Critically evaluate the extent to which the tourism product has changed as a result of disaster and the impact this has for crisis and disaster management.


4.        Assess the extent to which so called ‘poverty disaster’ can be mitigated by effective emergency planning in such a way that is likely to lead to sustainable economic development.


5.        Evaluate the recent contributions made by either the United Nations or Britain’s Armed Forces to disaster management.