September 2023 Assess the company s that you choose in concert with your professor external environment using three

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

Assess the company’s (that you choose in concert with your professor) external environment using three or more media sources to identify factors that are impacting their business model and take a stance on whether these factors signal imminent doom or new growth opportunities (if approached correctly).   


Write a 5-6 page Business Brief for the Company Executive team on your findings.   

1. Identify and concisely describe four external factors impacting.  

Describe each of the four factors. Is each a positive or negative? Explain.  

What are the “symptoms” of each factor? (What is likely happening as a result of a factor?)  

How does each factor correlate to Porter’s Five Forces or the Blue Ocean models? Explain.   

2. Rank the factors in order from least to greatest potential impact and briefly explain your rationale. Reverse so consistent with rubric   

3. Take a stand – Persuasively assert what these factors imply for the future.    

Consider how the factors potentially influence the organization’s capabilities, behavior, and strategic options.  
4. Support your recommendations, assertions, and facts with in-text citations, appendixes, and references. 
Required format and organization for the Business Brief. Business briefs are often used to convince and inform clearly and concisely in the business environment. For this assignment, your business brief should state its purpose, create awareness, and provide a persuasive informed assertion based on research and conceptual understandings. 1.   Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, professor’s name, and the course title and date. (The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.)

2.   Single-spaced, professional font (Times New Roman or Ariel), 10-12 font size

3.   Headings, bolded, are used to identify main topics and subtopics 4.   Paragraphs separated by a single space