September 2023 An organization s mission is a statement of the basic purpose that makes

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

An organization’s mission is a statement of the basic purpose that makes the organization different from others. Clearly, a mission statement, by indicating the purpose of a business, directly affects the company’s employees, customers, and stockholders. (Chapter 6)


1. Find the mission, vision and or strategy statements of three large corporations in different industries. For example, you might search these sites:

Technology Industry: or other companies like Dell

Food Industry: or other companies like Heinz or Kraft

Retail Industry: or other companies like American Eagle or Holister

Manufacturing Industry: or other companies like Ford or John Deere

Education Industry: or other companies like Yale or Pitt.

a) Compare and comment on their statements on the basis of what each reflects about the company’s philosophy and its concerns for employees, customers, and stockholders

b) provide the website link to each company

2. Which company would you like to work for and why?

Do additional work and provide at a minimum, one resource to back up your opinion. Be sure to provide a citation for an excellent response.