September 2023 5 You are considering the purchase of a quadruplex apartment building Effective

September 2023 Business & Finance Assignment

 5. You are considering the purchase of a quadruplex apartment building. Effective gross income during the first year of operations is expected to be $33,600 ($700 per month per unit). First-year operating expenses are expected to be $13,440 (at 40 percent of EGI). Ignore capital expenditures. The purchase price of the quadruplex is $200,000. The acquisition will be financed with $60,000 in equity and a $140,000 standard fixed-rate mortgage. The interest rate on the debt financing is 8 percent and the loan term is 30 years. Assume, for simplicity, that payments will be made annually and that there are no up-front financing costs.


a.      What is the overall capitalization rate?

b.      What is the effective gross income multiplier?

c.      What is the equity dividend rate (the before-tax return on equity)?

d.      What is the debt coverage ratio?

e.      Assume the lender requires a minimum debt coverage ratio of 1.2. What is the largest loan that you could obtain if you decide that you want to borrow more than $140,000?


12.  An office building is purchased with the following projected cash flows:

 NOI is expected to be $130,000 in year 1 with 5 percent annual increases.

 The purchase price of the property is $720,000.

 100 percent equity financing is used to purchase the property.

 The property is sold at the end of year 4 for $860,000 with selling costs of 4 percent.

 The required unlevered rate of return is 14 percent.

a. Calculate the unlevered internal rate of return (IRR).


b. Calculate the unlevered net present value (NPV).