September 2023 4 paragraphs apa Style Because of Joan s success in business internationally specifically in Europe she has to meet with

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

4 paragraphs
apa Style


Because of Joan’s success in business internationally, specifically in Europe, she has to meet with US officials to discuss with them the EU 100% tariff. US officials are not familiar with the dispute resolution process at all that fall within the WTO for treaties that are within their jurisdiction. Prepare and discuss with Joan a decision tree that clearly explains the exact steps in order to challenge the EU tax before the WTO that will deal with the ignorance of American politician

One of the problems involved in international business is the intersection of politics and business. Political pressures in the United States can cause serious difficulties for US companies conducting business overseas. Discuss what some of these political problems can be. What are the moral and ethical implications of political interference on international business?