September 2023 1 Watch the Y outube video on The Crisis of Credit Visualized which explains

September 2023 Business Finance Assignment

1. Watch the Youtube video on ”The Crisis of Credit Visualized” which explains the role of Financial Institutions in 21st Century.

Briefly explain the role of Investor Bankers and the concept of Collateralized Debt Obligations/Sub prime mortgages.

2.Watch this Film from St. Lawrence College Library on ”House of Cards: America’s Mortgage Meltdown”

Briefly answer the following questions

a. What was the economic impact of Subprime crisis?

b. What was the plan of Alan Greenspan,Chairman,Federal Reserve?Why he proposed it?  Do you think the plan led to the Housing Crisis.

c. What is the Outline of Credit Crisis in US housing market in 2007?5. What are Collateralized Debt Obligation? How Narvik, the Ice Free Port in Norway related to the Wall Street?

d. Who is Daniel Sadak?

e. What is the Role of Greed in Market Collapse ?

3.Watch the Youtube video on ”Bitcoin:Top 10 basic facts”.

Bitcoin is a virtual/digital currency which many people have started opting recently.Share your understanding around What it is? , How it originated? , How it works? Is it a threat to existing Monetary system around the globe? etc…. in not more than 300 words.


N.B.: For further understanding, feel free to use the  Internet and college Library on demand videos, journals, newspapers and monthly magazines.