Resources In Healthcare Assignment 2


Resources In Healthcare Assignment 2.

Step 1: Go into your Excel spreadsheet and you will notice #, manager position, and major job duty as headings. I have placed the following in the first five items under those headings:

Benefits Manager, Five different Major Job Duties.

Completed 5 major job duties

I placed this information in there as an example for each of you. I only completed 5 Major Job Duties. You will complete 5 Major Job Duties for each of your job managers. You will have a list of 5 job managers. These 5 job managers may or may not be the same ones you submitted for Assignment 1. Therefore, you will type in a total of 25 Major Job Duties.

Step 2: You will identify and enter a total of 25 Major Job Duties for the manager position(s) I have given you in the spreadsheet. Please be as brief as possible. You can use the Internet or any other source. You don’t need to list the source(s). I will be reviewing each Major Job Duty with the Manager title.

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