Research Plan


Research Plan.

Each student will prepare a research plan/proposal. Choose a subject of interest to you and/or that you can use in the future.

* The plan will be submitted in two parts: the introduction and literature review, and the method/design. 

Literature review

* The introduction and literature review is due at the end of week 2, which is 9 November 2019.

* The method/design section is due at the end of the 4th week, which 22 November 2019.

>introduction/literature review

Introduction/Literature review:

* Briefly state why the research is important, how it will contribute to knowledge and health. 

* Provide a hypothesis or aim of the research.

* The literature review should consist of a review of at least 7 representative papers pertinent to the research you are proposing.

* This part should be about 5 pages long and is worth 30 points.

Students will have the opportunity to have an early draft of their Introduction/Literature review critiqued prior to re-submission for final grading. Cut-off time for critiquing is Friday before the submission deadline (11:59pm Saturday)

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