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Signature Assignment – Communicable Disease Research Paper


>5-6 page

Write a 5-6 page (excluding title page, abstract and reference page) research paper on an emerging/re-emerging communicable disease (HIV/AIDS) using at least 5 or more current credible sources, APA format, double-spaced, and 12 point font. (100 points) Include a cover page, abstract, introduction, specific details of the disease (see below), and a conclusion. The rubric provided will help guide you through the development and implementation of the paper.

The paper should include:

>disease description

Disease description: Describe the disease including details on symptoms and significance of the disease.

History of disease: Include a clear description of the history of the disease including origins, significant individuals involved in the discovery of the disease, and the impact of the disease.

Reasons for emergence/data: Include multiple data points (DALY, mortality, morbidity, and risk factors) supporting the significance of the disease finding its way into the US and/or global population. Discuss how the disease is measured. Fully describe the reasoning behind the re-emergence of the disease (if applicable).

Methods of control/prevention: Identify multiple methods available for the control/prevention of the disease. Discuss surveillance of the disease and how it contributes to disease control.

References: Citations and references should be in proper APA format. All claims should be supported with a professional reference. At least 5 or more sources must be citedThe sources must come from credible websites such as CDC, Mayo Clinic, NIH, PubMed, and other legitimate sites. No sources pre-2009 due to the nature of the assignment.

COH 320 Signature Assignment Research Paper Rubric COH 320 COH 320 Signature Assignment Research Paper Rubric COH 320 – Alternative Formats   – Word Document (79.2 KB)

>coh 320 sample signature assignment research paper coh 320 sample signature assignment research paper &#8211

COH 320 Sample Signature Assignment Research Paper COH 320 Sample Signature Assignment Research Paper – Alternative Formats – Word Document (50.8 KB)

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***Please ONLY use reference from the above listed sources. Thank you!***

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