Read Body For Question


Read Body For Question.

TASK: Select a vitamin or mineral and address the associated question(s).  AVOID DUPLICATES–scan your peers’ posts before making your selection.  To that end, be sure to label your subject heading with the selected vitamin/mineral.

Imagine you are attending your yearly health risk assessment. When you came to the appointment, you thought you had a proper diet and were of average health. It turns out, the doctor that examines you has a special interest in nutrition. She notices some inconsistencies with what you discuss with her and suggests that you may have a deficiency or toxicity of your selected vitamin or mineral.

Based upon the vitamin or mineral that you have chosen, what were your doctor’s observations and diagnosis?

Do you have a toxicity or deficiency? Explain any disorders associated with the deficiency or toxicity.

Recommended daily allowance based

Briefly describe what your recommended daily allowance based upon your profile (sex, age, physical status, etc.) should be, your present intake estimate, and your action plan (adjustment in diet, etc.).

If left untreated, what might be some of the more serious long term and detrimental effects this might have on your body?

Which special populations (pregnant women, children, etc.) are most affected and why?

What other prevention, treatment, and safety measures might be beneficial to regulate your health?

Do not use vitamin C or iron deficiency!!


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