Quiz Speech (10/10 Correct)


Quiz Speech (10/10 Correct).

Question 1

Organization and content are equal partners in speech development

>question 2

Question 2

For a speech were you discuss major cities proximity to one another you would likely use

>question 3

Question 3

When you use ________ organization for your speech, you specify the reasons and the consequences of specific phenomena.

Question 4

When you use ________ organization for your speech, you explain to your audience members the order in which events happened

Question 5

A practice speech is necessary, it acts as an oral rough draft of your presentation

>question 6

Question 6

______ are the key ideas or central themes of the speech.

Question 7

If an internal _____ is combined with an internal preview, a bridge to the next section of the speech is created

>question 8

Question 8

Parallelism includes the repetition of all of the following EXCEPT

Question 9

You should plan to use the personal pronouns I, us, me, we, and you in your speech.

>question 10

Question 10

A symbol stands for, or represents, something else


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