Public Administration


Public Administration.

First :Ethics Research Paper: Paper directions –

Students will have to identify and analyze the one of the ethical case study dilemmas (choose one of the five provided under ETHICAL CASE STUDIES).  Write a 750 – 1000 word, double-spaced paper, and APA style.

Case study questions

Students are expected to identify the key stakeholders, discussion of the implications of the ethical dilemma, and answer the case study questions.

Each paper should have the following sections:

Case study &#8211

Introduction to the Case study – introduce the case.

The ethical dilemma – what is the issue at hand?

Stakeholders – who are the stakeholders involved in the case?

Questions – each case study has a set of questions you need to answer.  They are different for each case study.

Conclusions – What was the conclusion and what would you have done differently?

References – I provided references at the end of each case study but you can use others as well.

ethics research paper

Please read  Ethics Research Paper  Rubric and the attachment of“Ethics Research Paper

Second: Globalization Reflective Essay

Please answer the following question in a 750- 1000 word essay. This assignment is meant to be a reflective essay on the impact of globalization. APA style is required for this assignment.

QUESTION: Explain the impact of globalization on your own life and your country (provide specific examples). Provide examples of evidence of changes. Consider how modernization and growth has affected your consumption behavior and your thoughts. Do you support globalization why or why not?



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