Presentation Homework


As part of your “presentation” grade, you will now be graded on the following assignments: 1. Find a Group (Discussion) – (1 point) • (This was already completed earlier in the semester) 2. Group Contract – (1 point) and Peer Evaluation – (1 point) • You no longer need to complete these.

I have given everyone full credit. 3. Discussion Post – Let me know if you are working in a group or not (1 point) 4. Proposal Outline (Discussion) – (100 points) 5. Attention-Getter PowerPoint (Discussion) – (100 points) 6. Presentation with Notes (Discussion) – (100 points) Step 1: Decide if you want to Work in a Group Decide if you want to work in a group or not.

If you want to work individually: 1. Please message your original group members to let them know you have decided to work individually. 2. Comment on the discussion board and say “I am going to work individually” If you would like to work with a group (recommended, to share your workload): 1. Please reach out to your original group members and let them know what you plan to do (i.

e. do you want to work with them, or are you choosing to work with another person in the class). 2. Comment on the discussion board and say “I am going to work in a group of [___how many ___] students. I am working with [__list the first and last names of your group members___]. I understand that because I signed up to my group voluntarily (i.

e. it was optional), I am now committed to my chosen group and cannot abandon the group or kick out members. I also understand that I must contribute fairly to the group. Failure to do so may result in penalty decided upon by the group, such as a reduced grade for the assignment, as everyone will have an opportunity to complete an online peer evaluation.

” Step 2: Choose a Company Select a company with which you are reasonably familiar (on the basis of your work experience, educational experience, or other outside interests) – EXCEPT Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Step 3: Choose an Objective The objective of the assignment is to solve a problem (real or perceived) an persuade and audience to take action (think of it like an episode of Shark Tank).

The topic can be one of the following: 1. A new process, procedure, or way of accomplishing something within the organization that solves a problem or makes them more efficient. o Example: I work for Ann Taylor and I have invented a new computer program for our stockroom because we keep losing inventory.

I am unveiling this program for the rest of the Dallas managers in an internal meeting. 2. A new product. o Example: I work for Chick Fil A and I want to discontinue the mini ice cream sundaes, since they are not selling, I want to introduce a frozen lemonade instead at the national headquarters. 3.

A new vendor. o Example: I work for Bank of America and we have a high incidence of broken ATMs; therefore, I want to use “EZ ATM” company instead of our current ATM company and I am introducing this at the executives’ meeting. Step 4: Pick a Specific Audience Put yourself in the role of employees within the company and give an oral presentation to an internal or external audience based on your objective.

This is a persuasive message, so you need to think about the decision makers in the audience. You will need to understand your audience: • Consider the audience’s characteristics – what do they already know about the topic? • What objections might the audience have? • What do they already know and what do they need to know? Step 5: Complete the 3 Assignments Below 1.

Proposal Outline (Discussion) – (100 points) 2. Attention-Getters (Discussion) – (100 points) 3. Presentation with Notes (Discussion) – (100 points) You will complete 3 discussion board assignments either individually or in a group (if you chose to work in a group, you will complete all 3 assignments with the group).


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