Answer the question and not just a lot of unnecessary words being put into a sentence.

1.Do you think it would be more cost-effective to repair, restore, and develop the current electrical grid in the United States or convert to a smart grid? Which solution do you favor?


2.How do you respond to those who say they do not like to pay any taxes to fix the problem and they think we should live with what we have?

3.Explain the dangers of energy transportatiion

Current energy sources

4.Fuel cells are a possible solution for storing and using natural gas. Fuel cells are currently used in spacecraft and military installations, but are uneconomical for private use. Do you think fuel cell research should be pursued as an alternative to current energy sources? Why?

5.Explain electricity and battery storage. What is one way that you can contribute.

6.Explain the benefits of transporting by railroads

7. Why do locals promote purchasing food locally instead of good shipped by transportation?


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