Human Resource Challenges In The Health Care Setting


To prepare  for this Discussion, research current environmental forces (i.e.,  physician shortage) that may impact the role of the human resource  manager. Based on your research, select an environmental issue related  to regulation, policy, politics, economics, or patient demographics that  impacts the role of the human resource manager in a health care setting  of your choice.
Provide  a brief explanation of your selected issue and then describe a strategy  to enhance two of the following in your selected healthcare setting:
A. Workforce planning
B. Employee recruitment
C. Employee retention

Required Resources Reading

Healthcare management

Course TextIntroduction to Healthcare Management

Chapter 3, “The Strategic Management of Human Resources”

Human resources (HR) management includes both strategic and administrative tasks. This chapter addresses workforce recruitment and retention, the environmental forces influencing human resources management, and the key responsibilities of the HR management staff. The author discusses methods of employee compensation, evaluation, and key issues pertaining to HR management in the health care setting.
Course TextCareer Opportunities in Health Care Management: Perspectives From the Field

Chapter 5, “Summary and Conclusions About the Profession”

This chapter addresses issues of satisfaction, mentoring, and educational preparation as well as challenges faced by health care managers.

Appendix A, “Resources for Learning More About Healthcare Management”

The common acronyms, organizations, and web addresses that health care managers should know are provided in Appendix A.

Appendix D, “Getting a Job In Healthcare Management”

Frequently asked questions related

How do you get a job as a health care manager? The authors provide answers to frequently asked questions related to various positions in health care management.


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