Fsmt288 Week 4 Forum


Fsmt288 Week 4 Forum.

FDNY – new york fire department

For this forum you will need to pick a fire department and investigate their budget.  If you are currently working for a fire department, you can choose to get the information from your department. However, the department you choose does not have to be your current department.  If you are not currently employed by a fire department, you can choose any department you like since many list their budgets online.

Population covered

Part 1.  Report on the overall budget of the fire department.  Include the population covered, the size of the department, number of personnel, number of stations, etc. Give an overall view of the department’s budget.

Part 2.  Specifically cover the fire prevention portion of the budget.  Give a break down of the fire prevention budget and activities.  Include the number of personnel, inspection efforts as well as fire safety education and community risk reduction efforts.

Fire prevention effort

Part 3.  Give your opinion on whether or not the fire prevention effort is sufficient for the community.  Include your opinion as to whether or not the budget and the associated fire prevention and education efforts are adequate.  Describe how you think the department could increase the fire safety education and community prevention efforts, if possible, within the current budget allotment.


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