Easy Plagiarism


Easy Plagiarism.

APA formatting is used extensively in assignments at University of Phoenix and our school; therefore, you need to understand APA formatting and the consequences of not using it. This assignment contains two parts. You will need to submit each part separately.

Part 1
Write a 175- to 350-word paper in which you:

  • Define APA.
  • Describe why APA format is used.
  • Identify who uses it.
  • Identify its significance.
  • Identify consequences of not using APA guidelines.
  • Consider the consequences at University of Phoenix and in your professional life.
  • Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.


    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

    Part 2
    Your classmate, Jonas, has asked you to review his first essay for HCS/234. He is unsure if he correctly formatted his title page, paper, and references page according to APA guidelines, and he wants to make sure that he avoids plagiarism. He has also included comments throughout the paper to help you address his concerns.

    >apa student paper worksheet

    Complete the APA Student Paper worksheet.

    To provide Jonas with feedback, create comment bubbles in Microsoft® Word with the correction and explanation:

  • Highlight the mistake.
  • Click the “Review” tab in the top ribbon.
  • Click “New Comment” in the “Comments” section.
  • Type the correction and the explanation inside the comment bubble.
  • If Jonas left you a comment bubble with a question, you can simply reply to that comment with your correction:
  • Right click on the text in the comment bubble.
  • Select “Reply to comment.”
  • When a new comment bubble appears below the original bubble, type the correction and the explanation inside the comment bubble.
  • Note: There are 8 mistakes in the title page and paper. There are 13 mistakes in the references page.

    Submit your assignment.


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