The paper must be a minimum of 6 pages of content.  The paper must be written in the APA style of writing. This means you will include section headings, in text citation of references and the citation page according to the APA guidelines.  The paper must be 12 point font, 1 inch margins and be double spaced.

  You must have a minimum of 6 sources. You  must include a title page and works cited page but they do not count as content (so you will have 8 pages).  The first section is the history. The second section is what the literature (books, journals, magazines, papers, etc) says are the good/positives/pro things about the animal subject you chose as your topic.

  The third section is what the literature states is negative/bad/con of your subject.  The final section is the conclusion and is your opinion on the subject you chose.  It needs to tell me why you chose that subject, how it has impacted you and why I should agree with how you see the subject.


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