COUN 691 Quiz 1


  1. According to the moral model, addiction is incurable:
  2. According to the syndrome model of Addictions, there are multiple and interacting antecedents of addiction that can be organized in at least three primary areas. Which of the following is NOT a primary area:
  3. According to this chapter, which of the following is NOT a psychological model of addiction etiology:
  4. Cognitive-behavioral models suggest a variety of motivations and reinforcers for taking drugs. One explanation suggests that people take drugs to experience variety:
  5. The disease model ___________:
  6. The disease model of etiology, addiction is viewed as a primary disease rather than being secondary to another condition.
  7. The integral model _________:
  8. Which U.S. Act required drugs to be classified according to their medical use, potential for abuse, and possibility of creating dependence:
  9. Which etiological theory of addictions assumes that addicts are constitutionally predisposed to develop dependence on drugs:
  10. Which etiology model explains addiction as a consequence of personal choice and, individuals, who are engaging in addictive behaviors, are viewed as being capable of making alternative choices:

COUN 691 Quiz 1.


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