Case Write Up – Urgent


Case: Cork’d: Building a Social Network for Wine Lovers

Case Write Up – Urgent.

The objective of the analysis is to respond to the case questions in a logical and structured manner. All arguments should be logically sound and supported by evidence from the case whenever possible. Your analysis should not exceed 1,000 words.

Note: Failure to submit all three case analyses, regardless of any reason, will result in a failing grade.

Problem statement

Your case analysis will include three elements: problem statement, analysis, and your recommendations. For each element, pay attention to the following points:

Problem statement

Read the case and define the scope of the problem. Identify the different aspects of this problem. Include relevant information from the case.


Questions raised

Focus your analysis on addressing the questions raised and the scope of the problem. Indicate key factors and mechanisms that are important for answering your case questions. Discuss different perspectives and approaches to addressing the problem.

Cork’d Study Questions:
  1. Assess Lindsay’s vision of Cork’d as a two-side network. What value is created by wineries? What value is created by users?
  2. Beyond fees, what are other barriers to wineries joining Cork’d? What about the user?
  3. Do you agree with Cork’d decision to charge wineries $999 for an account? Justify.
  4. Should Cork’d allow advertising on its site? Justify.

Suggest recommendations that follow logically from your analysis. Discuss implementation issues.


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