Business Law Assign 1


Business Law Assign 1.

Your assignment is to answer the following questions regarding information learned in Chapter 4. As a guideline, your answer to each question should be between 50-150 (approximately). Answer the questions in your own words, using complete sentences, and paying attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Submit your answers as a Word document.

1.   Explain the purpose of the Equal Protection Clause and describe and explain the different levels of judicial scrutiny given to government classifications based on race, gender and age. Be specific and give examples.

Limited protected speech

2.  Distinguish between limited protected speech and unprotected speech as categorized by the U.S. Supreme Court. Be specific.

3.  How is the federal government divided? Why are checks and balances necessary? Explain with specific examples.

Power divided

4.   How is power divided between the federal government and the state governments? Be specific and give examples.

5.  Why is it unconstitutional for a state government to ban products imported from a foreign country, despite that country engaging in activities not condoned by that state?


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