Clinical Preventive Services and Health Care Coverage. Public health systems and health care work by an authority grounded both in science and in statute.

For this assignment, you will consider three different clinical preventive services to be provided by your instructor and think about why all three of those clinical preventive services should be covered in any type of health insurance coverage. Be sure to include, in your write up, material from the Guide to Clinical Preventive Service featured in the Required Readings.

Including title page

To complete your assignment: Submit a 4-6 page (not including title page and references) paper addressing the following items:

  • Title page, including name, date, course and section, and title
    • Include section headers for each section, below. For each of the three Clinical Preventive Services : Alcohol Misuse screening and Behavioral counseling, Bladder cancer screening, and HPV vaccines in children Ages 7 to 18.
    • 1)Discuss the various dimensions of the policy-making process, including the roles of ethics and evidence. In your response to this question, concisely describe the role of research in the development of health policy to improve population health. Why are practices rooted in both ethics and evidence more effective for use by policy makers in creating health-related policy decisions?
    • 2) Describe the key information on each of the Clinical Preventive Services, including its potential value, cost savings for insurance companies, and ability to improve population health. Be sure to support your answer.
    • 3) How are these particular clinical services grounded in science? What evidence would be useful to inform a policy requiring insurance to cover these particular services?
    • 4) Conclude with a take-home message on how these services can impact positive social change.
    • Cite the sources in your text, wherever you referred to them.

Cite the sources in your text, wherever you referred to them.
Include an APA formatted reference list.



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