Assessing Reliability And Credibility Of CAM Resources Presentation


Assessing Reliability And Credibility Of CAM Resources Presentation.

PLEASE Follow all instructions

Create a colorful and engaging 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on a methodology you create for assessing credibility and reliability of an Internet source of CAM information. Include detailed speaker notes for each slide. The last slide of your presentation is a reference slide; this lists all of the sources that you used in APA format (the reference slide does not count towards the 10 slide minimum). Be sure to cite all images used in your presentation – this can be included on the reference slide.


All UoP assignments are written in your own words, copy and paste from any source is not acceptable and the assignment will not earn credit! Rewrite the information in your own words so it is understandable to your audience.

Describe how a consumer’s attitudes and beliefs about CAM could hinder objective assessments of reliability and credibility in CAM.


Create five objective criteria to judge the credibility and reliability of a source of information on CAM.

Select a CAM therapy or modality, and research the Internet for websites on this therapy or modality. Be sure to not use the same therapy you used for the CAM paper. Then, perform the following:

  • Describe the therapy.
  • Examine the type of training or education that is required.
  • Discuss whether a license or certification is required to practice this therapy.
  • Identify the overseeing or regulating organization for this therapy.

Using your criteria, review one of the websites and determine how reliable the site is for CAM information.

  • Explain how you reached your conclusion about the website. Consider using a grading scale or grid for this exercise.
  • Describe steps the website could take to increase its credibility.

For Online students, these are Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with speaker notes.


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