2024 White Collar Crime, law homework help

White Collar Crime, law homework help

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Course: White-Collar Crime: PLG-304-1610
Assignment: Assignment 4 (following class 11)

Todd Martin, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, was on his way to taking in $2 million per month. He owned a Ferrari, a BMW, four Mercedes-Benzes, and had recently moved into a $1.1 million home. Todd’s luxurious lifestyle was furnished wholly from money made due to his Internet activities as the notorious spammer, Hanzel. After discovering that Todd had been violating anti-spamming laws. as well as performing illegal conduct on the Internet such as selling cable descramblers and fake college degrees, federal agents raided Todd’s office and seized $4.2 million in assets. Todd is furious and subsequently leaves a message with your supervising attorney, inquiring about the government’s ability to seize his assets when he has not yet had a trial.

Please draft a short memo explaining the applicable provisions from Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and its applicability to the seizure of Todd’s assets.

*An IRAC style essay is appropriate for this assignment.*