2024 what is your opinion Being managers for vendors,management homework help

what is your opinion Being managers for vendors,management homework help

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Being managers for vendors takes a special set of skills. A distinct and different training for managers in developing relationships with most vendors, manager should have advanced negotiation skills, staying focused on details and professional self-control qualities. Some managers come from the various levels of the business world, however, they must be capable with supported experiences to operate in this field. (2016)

The author stated; A few key points that leadership in vendor management differ from leadership with employees and company groups?

1. Employees and internal teams, partners and vendors, all have different criteria for what they expect from leaders, and tend to respond differently.

2. When a vendor manager is problem-solving process with a vendor, who leads?

3. What is “emotional intelligence” in leadership with vendors, and how important is it?

4. How does leadership play into managing exactly to tightly constructed contracts?

5. Should a vendor manager use a collaborative style or one that is controlling?

Managers for vendors must have an edge, a second sight that experiences would prepare managers with emotional astuteness; she/he has the skills to realize what is going on within a situation, understanding who is in the meetings, their purpose and know oneself and know how to respond appropriately. (2013)