2024 Theory and Research Methodology, communications homework help

Theory and Research Methodology, communications homework help

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Please answer the questions below. No outline needed, just answers to the questions. The underlined words are links to references for you to use or not to help you complete the assignment. Please let me know if you have any questions.

1. What is a grand theory? Since it may seek to explain all communication behavior in a manner that is universally true, what might it resemble?

2. What are the components of a theory? What must a researcher do to use the components effectively? Why do you suppose it is important for both nominal and real concepts to be “observable”? How could we observe “family bonding,” for example (a nominal concept).

3. Which of these activities might a theory investigate (pick at least three and please make sure to explain why you think question might be one a researcher in the communication field would or could explore):

a) How to persuade teens not to smoke;

b) Which TV programs for children are the most educational?;

c) Do political talk radio hosts differ in the subjects they cover based upon their political party?

d) Are cable news shows’ coverage of the government’s stimulus package positive or negative toward the package?

e) Do men or women talk more?

f) How do people change their voices when they are with different social or ethnic groups?

Can you think of other questions a theory might investigate? Remember, however, that whatever we study has to be either observable or countable, preferably both!